Efter att ha överlämnat tillverkningsrättigheterna till Sverige för den frontmotordrivna bilen, inriktar sig Phantom Automotive i England helt på en läcker gatbil - Phantom GTR - som senare döpts om till Vortex GTR. Även företaget heter numera Vortex. Den mittmotordrivna racersportbilen P200, som började tillverkas 1995 kom bara att tillverkas i två exemplar innan tillverkningen lades ner. Denna hade en 2 liters Vauxhallmotor och vann sin klass 1999.

Nu har även en ny busbil för gata/track days tagits fram - Vortex V2:

The major features are a mid engine/intercooler/radiator layout fed by a large full width duct underneath the car, a central longitudinal fuel tank, keen aerodynamics for high downforce /low drag, and Ford’s Duratec or (sensational 280 bhp) Ecoboost turbo engine.
The chassis has the engine transverse, conventional front wishbones and a De Dion rear beam located by a Watts pivot and links. Vortex own front uprights are cast aluminium LM25, heat treated and x-rayed .50 mm dia. curved side tubes give exceptional cockpit width and safety and a full width 50 mm rollover bar is standard, as is a stainless exhaust system, aluminium dampers and radiator.
The V2 is to be available in LHD and RHD as 2.0 Duratec/mtx75 combination or 1.6/2.0 turbocharged(Ecoboost) form, the latter rated at 280 bhp. One other engine option is
under discussion.
Innovations apart from the cooling are a high nose to direct cooling air to the underneath, a raked rollover bar to put the protection close above the drivers head/helmet, twin cockpit openings, integrated headrests, integrated front aerofoils and a gear selector mounted directly on top of the fuel tank.
Production refinements include a lighter chassis 65 mm narrower without loss of elbow room and a full 40 mm lower than the prototype shown at Stonleigh earlier this year.
Track day options include trim tabs for the front aerofoils, a rear wing positioned in clean air, individual triangulated rollover bars, lower ride height and stiffer springs. Other track day options include an air inlet in the 'passenger' head fairing, race harness anchors and a six speed gearbox.




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