Ford Zetec 1800 cc, 155 - 160 bhp. Dry sump,
Weber DCOE 40 carburettor, extractor exhaust manifold.
Easy to fit alternative engines such as Vauxhall and Rover K-series.
Transmission: Dogtype, 4 speed manual gearbox. Ford Sierra final drive.
Chassis: Spaceframe made from steel, alt chromemolybden steel.
Body: Glassfibre reinforced polyester, alt kevlar.
Front suspension:
Unequal length wishbones made of elliptical profiles. Pushrod with inboard coil-overs.
Anti-roll bar. Fabricated uprights made from hardened aluminium.
Track 1,470 mm.
Rear suspension:
De-dion tube, Watts linkage and radius arms, coil-overs.
Fabricated uprights made from hardened aluminium.
Optional anti-roll bar.
Track 1,430 mm.
Steering: Titan steering rack with aluminiumhousing. Choise of ratios.
Disc brakes. Willwood calipers, 4-pot in front, 2-pot rear. Full aeroquip.
Balance adjustable from drivers seat.
Wheels / tyres:
Magnesium wheels with centre nut.
8.5" x 13" in front with Clubman 170/510 tyres.
10,5" x 13" rear with Clubman 210/570 tyres.
Front splitter with venturis.
Flat bottom with rear diffusor.
Adjustable wings in front and rear.
Weight: 480 - 500 kg ready to race, depending on specifications.
Wheelbase: 2,240 mm.
Price: For a complete car for self assembling, everyting included with exeption of the drivetrain and tyres.
350 000 SEK equals approx 32 000 GBP